I was two and a half.
"Brenda, that's beautiful! What is it?" (Because you always tell a toddler their art is beautiful and you usually have to ask what it is.)

It was a flower. A flower that looked like a flower. So my momma framed it. From that point on, my love of art grew from fat crayons, to cheap watercolors with plastic-bristled brushes, to high school binder collages, to pattern paper and muslin, to a Macbook. In the beginning, as in the end, it's always about using your imagination. Whatever the medium may be (paintings, fashion, digital design...) creation brings people together and that is what the hokey pokey really is all about.

or feel free to reach out for official resume.

Oh, right. The work stuff. Let’s see if I can give the abridged version…

Learned Photoshop.

Simultaneously decided I wanted to be a Fashion Illustrator and that it wasn’t a “realistic” job (I know, wish I’d had the foresight on that one), so I dove into school for Fashion Design since I loved sewing and drawing croquis.

First full-time job which was, unbeknownst to myself at the time, a graphic design & fashion hybrid.
Gained new obsession with Adobe Illustrator.

Graduated with an AA in Fashion Design.
Started a few gigs/jobs doing Technical Design (fashion), Textile Print Design, Patternmaking, and an assortment of graphic work. (In my personal opinion, small companies are the best way to launch a career because you get to do a little bit of everything. Yes, I’m biased.)

Hired as an Illustrator. Initial reaction, “You actually want to pay me to draw all day?!” Yes, yes they did.

Moved to New York City because, why not?
(Why not and also I had a likely unhealthy obsession with living in the Big Apple.)
Found work with a large small company – meaning that their reach was great but the team was tight, and learned that while I was still passionate about the fashion world, what really excited me was brand-driven Creative Direction.

Relocated to Palm Beach, FL with company to continue building the global brand via trend & style forecasting/direction, store design, packaging design, photoshoots, events and (happily) lots of illustrations.

Went on my first international trip to South Africa. Got the travel bug. Moved/drove back to my hometown, the beautiful Emerald City.

Freelanced & lived the Johnny Cash song “I’ve Been Everywhere.” (Or so it felt. In, 2018, I crossed 22 state lines and went to three more new countries.)

Back to school to finish my Bachelors but this time in Graphic Design. (Gotta teach the next generation!)
Looking for the next cerebral adventure!

So much for the abridged version but, now you know a bit about my ever-winding design road!