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Fashion First

Fashion First is Seattle's longest running fashion show which helps showcase local retails and designers and has raised over $1.3 million for children's charity. Annually, they choose an Art Institute of Seattle fashion student to design the finale dress. The catch? Seattle magazine sponsors the finale and the dress must include pages of the magazine. I designed a woodland garden themed dress layering pink and peach chiffon for the gown and then twirling the paper into rosettes "growing" up the skirt.

Quick fix: the zipper broke right before Leigh was to walk down the runway – eek! Never underestimate the power of safety pins!

Trio Girls.jpg

Wear in the World

Every Spring the fashion design and marketing students at the Art Institute of Seattle throw a fashion show showcasing students' work. I opened the show with my 70's rock inspired RTW collection. Using a combination of soft (cotton silk blends, chiffons) and hard textures (black denim and metal zippers), I was able to create seven garments that would easily mix and match.